Games from the Movies

games from movies

Some of my favorite games are the ones that came from movies. There was nothing like going to see an action movie, then getting to play the hero right on my TV screen. Some of the first were Raiders of the Lost Ark, and Star Wars writes on my Atari 2600. One minutes I would be Indiana Jones searching for lost treasure, and the next I would be Luke Skywalker battling At-Ats on the planet Hoth. Before video games came along, we had to run through the woods, or through the fields playing our heroes in real life. Now we could sit right in our living rooms, and replay all of our fantasies.

As video game systems got more complex, so did the games. After a while, there was a game for practically every big action movie out there. You could play John McClain in Die Hard or being more dashing as James Bond. The storylines became more complex, and the graphics were incredible. Video game designers even started writing alternate plots for the games that weren’t even in the movie. This gave players a whole other story to follow. The only difference was here, was that the hero didn’t always win, or get the girl. Most times you were killed off, and had to start from scratch.

I cannot write this piece without talking about be one game from a movie that really bombed. That was of course, E.T., by Atari. It was literally labeled the worst video game ever made. The story behind it was, the designer only had five weeks to create the game. The movie was hit on the big screen, and they wanted a game version to hit the shelves by Christmas. The coder said that he could easily do it within that time frame, but bit off a little more than he could chew.


The game was released on time, and sold millions and millions of copies. They thought it was going to be a smashing success. But as soon as people started playing it, they realized how bad it was. Soon people flocked to the game stores to return their purchase. It was rumored that more than half of the E.T. games were returned for a refund. So in an effort to bury this project, they literally buried it. Millions were said to be dumped in a landfill in Alamogordo, NM. Years later, there was a movement to unearth all of these games and revisit the past.

But aside from that, I find that most games that come from the movies are well worth playing. My favorite are still the Star Wars series, and now you can even play a multi-player version against other people online. Whenever life gets hectic, I can take a break and soar through the universe fighting evil right in the comfort of my easy chair.

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