Games from the Movies

games from movies

Some of my favorite games are the ones that came from movies. There was nothing like going to see an action movie, then getting to play the hero right on my TV screen. Some of the first were Raiders of the Lost Ark, and Star Wars writes on my Atari 2600. One minutes I would be Indiana Jones searching for lost treasure, and the next I would be Luke Skywalker battling At-Ats on the planet Hoth. Before video games came along, we had to run through the woods, or through the fields playing our heroes in real life. Now we could sit right in our living rooms, and replay all of our fantasies.

As video game systems got more complex, so did the games. After a while, there was a game for practically every big action movie out there. You could play John McClain in Die Hard or being more dashing as James Bond. The storylines became more complex, and the graphics were incredible. Video game designers even started writing alternate plots for the games that weren’t even in the movie. This gave players a whole other story to follow. The only difference was here, was that the hero didn’t always win, or get the girl. Most times you were killed off, and had to start from scratch.

I cannot write this piece without talking about be one game from a movie that really bombed. That was of course, E.T., by Atari. It was literally labeled the worst video game ever made. The story behind it was, the designer only had five weeks to create the game. The movie was hit on the big screen, and they wanted a game version to hit the shelves by Christmas. The coder said that he could easily do it within that time frame, but bit off a little more than he could chew.


The game was released on time, and sold millions and millions of copies. They thought it was going to be a smashing success. But as soon as people started playing it, they realized how bad it was. Soon people flocked to the game stores to return their purchase. It was rumored that more than half of the E.T. games were returned for a refund. So in an effort to bury this project, they literally buried it. Millions were said to be dumped in a landfill in Alamogordo, NM. Years later, there was a movement to unearth all of these games and revisit the past.

But aside from that, I find that most games that come from the movies are well worth playing. My favorite are still the Star Wars series, and now you can even play a multi-player version against other people online. Whenever life gets hectic, I can take a break and soar through the universe fighting evil right in the comfort of my easy chair.

star wars video game

Video Games at the Party


Party games are the best. When you get a group of your friends together for a night of fun and competition; nothing beats it. The classics are good. Scrabble, Charades, and even Yahtzee can be hours of laughs with your friends. As of late, I have been trying to add a more modern edge to the events. Since many video games now have multi user capabilities at the same time, I have brought this new platform to game night with my friends.

For evenings that consist of mostly guys, I opt for Halo or Call of Duty. You can play as teams, or as a group facing a single enemy. Some nights, we even switch sides with Call of Duty, and be the Germans for a change. It is kind of like a guilty pleasure to be the bad guy. After the drinks start flowing, things can get really competitive, and it can become every man for himself. The beauty of games like these, is that they can be saved, and even continued days later after the party. I have to admit that I play on my own to practice for when we all get together.

Halo night

If there is a mixed crowd, a good choice may be something like Wii, which can be enjoyed by men and women. It uses a controller that allows you to throw the ball in a sports game, or actually go through the motions of bowling in a bowling game. You actually get your whole body into it. Bowling would have to be all time party favorite. It appeals to everyone.

Wii Bowling

My all time favorite game for the party crowd is Guitar Hero. You play simulated instruments along with your favorite rock songs for points. Everyone loves the guitar, but my favorite is the drums. I always wanted to be a drummer as a kid, and this gives me an opportunity to live that fantasy. You can compete in groups for points, and see who can come the closest to the song. To brush up on my skills, I joined a site created by Jon Kois, who is a established rock drummer to learn the basics of playing the drums. He has the best course for beginner drum lessons. Every week I get better at the game.

Guitar hero

Even though traditional games can be great at a party, I find that playing videos games instead in a group environment can be more enjoyable. It gives people who don’t own a video game system an opportunity to enter that world, and it creates enough competition to give everyone something to talk about in the week ahead.

Games All Through my Life


board games

I’ve been playing games all of my life. As a child I play games with my family and friends, and I love the challenge and the creativity it brought to my life. I played all kinds of games. Board games, outdoor games, puzzle games, and later videogames. I always included games into almost every aspect of my life.

In school, a played of number of sports, and was involved in various other activities as well. I thrive on competition in general good clean fun. Even things like the banner club in school, I would turn the event into some sort of game in which two sides would race to see who could create their banner the fastest.

I couldn’t even get away from it in class. I would debate on various subjects with my classmates and teachers in an attempt to win every argument I could get into. My instructors thought I was too challenging, but I just saw it as the competitive side of my nature.

Now later in life, I still can’t get away from the need to bring gameplay into my day to day affairs. Work is a good example. I work in the insurance field, and those of us in the office get into a day to day rut very easily. So I started introducing various activities in which to lighten everyone’s moods. It started with simple things like sports pools, current events bets, and even chess tournaments.

I noticed everyone in the office would look forward to these things to break up their day. So I decided to go to the extreme. Our office building is in a wooded area, so I talked about starting up paintball leagues with all the office buildings in our area. It caught on very fast. The idea of challenging the machine shop down the street, the furniture warehouse up the block, or even the students at the nearby community college was invigorating for people.

office paintball

It caught on very fast, and pretty soon we’re all shopping for the perfect gear for our new sport. I borrowed my son’s lacrosse pads, and my husband’s work gloves to help save some money on equipment. I had some alpaca clothes that I had received as a Christmas gift the year before which was perfect for keeping me warm outside.

My only major investment were good running boots, and of course paintball guns and pellets. After work my coworkers and I would meet at the local bar and discuss our strategy. A mailroom clerk lived nearby, and knew those woods very well. He gave us all the great vantage points in which to stake out our enemy.

So every season, we make up new teams gather the rest of the community to embark on our winter paintball challenge. To me having a game that I can include even in my work life is awesome!! Maybe one year even my husband will join.

The moral of the story is, never stop playing. If you enjoy games and activities as a child, try to bring that sense of wonderment and excitement into your adult life. You can join groups after work that go bowling, play darts, or shoot pool. Whatever your speed is, there is an activity to match. And if you’re like me a little on the wild side, go crazy and join a paintball league. Taking your anxiety out on someone with a simple little ball of paint, as simple as it is, can bring joy and laughter to your life.

How I Started Playing Games


My first experience with video games was when I was 11 years old. Back then they had arcades instead of home video game systems. I remember I went in with some friends and was overwhelmed by the sights and sounds that emanated from the door. Lights were flashing, bells were ringing, and people were cheering for their favorite player.

They had just opened this arcade in the local mall. All my friends it been in before me, and that’s all they could talk about at school. They were talking about things like high scores, levels, bosses, and extra lives. I had no idea what they meant. But when I walked in there, I knew I was in for a new experience.

I had five dollars in quarters in my pocket from my paper route, and I didn’t know where to begin. At first I watched some kids play, but some of the games looked too complex for me as a beginner. So I settled in with a game called Galaga. I was alone spaceship shooting at aliens that were falling from a star filled screen. The music was right in my ears and I felt exhilarated.

I didn’t do very well my first time, but I kept on playing until I got the hang of it. From there I moved on to more complicated games. Defender caught my eye and I decided to give it a whirl. Here I had to rescue people from the clutches of another group of aliens by zigzagging back and forth shooting everything in sight.

defender game

From there I moved up to Asteroids which required multiple fingers to operate the buttons in a bit of a choreographed dance. Getting the coordination down was a little tricky, but after about two dollars in quarters, I got the hang of it.

People say that video games were a waste of time and money, but it gave me an opportunity to interact with people that I normally would not have. I even made some new friends from my school who I had seen in class, but never talk to. Now we had a common pastime in which to share at lunch or after class.

We even developed tournaments in which we would all play each other until there was a decisive winner. I developed a camaraderie with a very large group of kids that I never would have met otherwise. To this day, when I walk through a shopping mall I miss hearing the distant sounds of the neighborhood arcade. Home game systems are okay, but it’s not the same is meeting the gang and spending an afternoon laughing, playing, and competing against each other with the newest video games.

arcade challenge

Fishing as an Art



Fishing is an art, you can do it on holidays and you can do it for a change. Sadly, fishing isn’t easy. Even if you have taken days off from your office just to relax and go fishing, it doesn’t mean that you can catch fishes easily. You can sit for hours with the fishing pole in your hand in the middle of the river where you are fishing, and can return home empty handed.

Fishing is a technical art and to be a good fisher you need to be technically sound

If you thought catching fish was easy, think again. Fishermen are the ones who do it for their living. The passionate ones do it for fun and excitement. Fishing has lately turned out to be an exercise and an activity that helps you do something to relax and get away from the burden of life for a while. Fishing is not only about visiting beaches, sea shores and hunting for Fishes. Fishing is more of fun. If you are indeed interested in fishing, you need to make sure that you use quality lures. The technique of catching fish is delusion. Lure is a false is a kind of artificial fishing bait thrown into the water to catch attention of fishes. Lures have always been considered as the best friend of fishers.


How can lures help a fisherman and you (when you are fishing)?

There are no hard and fast rules for choosing rules, but the lures with bait fish are efficient enough and the best choice of fishers these days. Fishes like Popeye can be easily imitated with the help of top water lures such as fizzers and poppers. Best Barramundi Lures are Barra Lures.

It’s not just the Barra fishes that feed on these baits and get trapped easily, on fishing journey you can imitate and catch as many varieties of fishes you want to, all it takes is a perfect bait or lure.

Barra lures Australia have been the most successful lure used by passionate fishers in their suburbs of Australia, It’s well known today that Australia is an exquisite destination for fishing, and you can hire a customized sport vehicle for fishing near the shores of Australia. All you need is a little bit of patience, a little bit of hard work and some very good lures and you are pure gold.

A word of caution
At any moment, you will not try to spoil your trip and you will need to make note of few things, which will not just enhance the pleasure of fishing but even add many fishes to your basket on back home. Next time you are out there hunting for fishes, make sure that you are technically sound and have all your weapons like baits and lures ready to provide fishes with a delusion of food and catch them.